Village East Professional Center
| Suite 3-8 |
205 E Main St, Huntington, NY 11743
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Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Huntington, NY

Parking & Office Entrance

Once you get to 205 E Main Street, please park anywhere in the front or back. Some of the spaces are numbered, but they are not reserved. Come up the steps by the building directory and walk to your right. Our door is one of the last doors on the right-hand side of the building, Suite 3-8. Open this door and come up the steps inside the suite. At the top of the steps you'll find a clearly marked waiting room. Please open the door and have a seat. There is no receptionist, but Dr. Kanner will greet you at your appointment time.
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Visit an esteemed clinical psychologist by making an appointment to meet Ellen B. Kanner, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist in Huntington, New York.
Located in the Village East Professional Center