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Clinical Psychologist in Huntington, NY

Dr. Kanner established her licensed private practice in 1982 after completing her doctoral program at Fordham University and gaining clinical and supervisory experience in New York State's mental health system. She is proficient in multiple approaches to therapy, including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy.

She integrates significant Freudian insights regarding the effects of a patient's history on their personality, combined with the best elements of cognitive-behavioral and its emphasis on practical steps, to improve the patient's life. Also, using the techniques of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Dr. Kanner helps patient achieve better emotional regulation. Her focus is always on helping patients attain symptom relief as soon as clinically possible.
Dr. Kanner's practice is focused primarily on adults, although she has successfully treated children as young as five. Her practice has always included a significant percentage of patients in their teens and twenties. She is experienced in helping patients with problems associated with aging parents.

Dr. Kanner's hospital experience brings to her therapeutic approach an awareness of the potential complicating organic problems that can mimic or worsen psychological symptoms. Dr. Kanner has helped patients cope with the psychological stresses of many types of physical disorders, including cancer, leukemia, emphysema, Parkinson's Disease, migraine headaches, back pain, and other chronic-pain conditions.

Often, with patients' permission, she consults with their physicians about any medical problems that may be relevant to their therapy. She has a broad knowledge of psychotropic medications and often consults with psychiatrists and other medical doctors when medications are indicated.
Ellen B. Kanner, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist will help you navigate the journey towards better mental health.